Building on our professional expertise and passion for Italy’s celebrated artisan food culture, we are dedicated to creating new opportunities across the world to experience and enjoy authentic Italian food at its best.
Marketing and sales consultants, designers, illustrators, photographers and chefs are our professionals with a creative talent who communicate with innovation and originality, without losing the sight of the ultimate goal, with that practicality and pragmatism, which lets us create great strategies and business success for our customers.

Our goal is to familiarize the world with the quality products which symbolize the excellence of our Made in Italy food. Products that have become ambassadors of Italian taste in the world, through tastes and smells that evoke their identity. A 360° degree discovery of typical products displayed according to region and representing food and wine from Italy. Aromas and flavors often evoke a magical moment when the senses seem to blend. A table set with colorful Italian dishes, a bouquet of smells washed down with a fine selection if Italian wines, bring joy to your palate. A virtual gastronomic journey from mountains to the sea. ABCibo wants to open the borders to authentic quality products giving an entrée to access these “luxury” items. Making healthy lifestyle choices through high quality foods. Treat your body with respect and enjoy a long and healthy life. We are what we eat. Our goal and guarantee to our clientele is to offer the products that will ensure that you get the best “Made in Italy” products.

Food culture is a pride of Made in Italy in the world. Talking about Ferrari or Armani is like talking about Brunello di Montalcino or Parmigiano Reggiano. If you drive a Ferrari is not just about driving a car, it’s driving a symbol of excellence. Experiencing Italian food products is not simply meeting basic needs, its merging a way of life, feel and experience the unique flavors of traditional food that can be produced only in certain territories, using methods handed down for centuries, from experienced hands of the father to the hands of the son. And if it is true that we are what we eat, if we will eat better, we will become better person.
“Made in Italy” food is recognized worldwide as being safe: in one word “product traceability”. When you choose Italian you can have confidence in what you are consuming: the raw material used, the process followed and the savoir-fair derived from centuries-old tradition, associated to the place of production. Each product in the Mediterranean diet, entered in the UNESCO world heritage site by peculiarities of its health benefits, is a symbol of the land of origin. The word diet comes from the greek and means "Lifestyle”. The "Mediterranean diet" is not just a list of high quality foods that are healthy, but a lifestyle, with Italy being a world leader.


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